Wyrd P&T is the former “flugströmmen” and has home in Emmaljunga, just 50 minutes drive from Helsingborg, on the border between Skåne and Småland, you will find this beautiful natural environment for fly fishers. 

We offer more than 1.4 kilometers slowly flowing water and a lake, perfect conditions for dry fly or nymphs fishing.


We have focused on a natural environment, and do all the necessary things so the fish has the best conditions.

Good conditions and healthy fish provides the best fight!

The water and fish is perfect for lower classes of rods.

Our recommendation is 3-5# rods for the best presentation and fight.


We have 3 wooden cabins that can accommodate 4 persons each.

all cabins are with kitchen, bathroom and two double rooms with separate beds.

There are all necessary things, the only thing you need to bring is bed lines.

See more information below.


  • Catch & Release 1 day

    300 SKR
  • 1 day with 1 fish

    400 SKR
  • 1 day with 2 fish

    500 SKR


Each wooden cabin contains the ability to hold 4 persons and has the following.



  • Two double rooms with 2 single beds.
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen with all necessary equipment.


We have 3 Wooden cabins that can hold up to 12 Persons total.

Cleaning fee is included in our prices.

Just leave the cabins in same conditions as when you arrived.


  • 1 Wooden Cabin pr night

    1250 SKR
  • 3 Wooden cabins with free fishing (max 3 fish pr person.) per day

    9000 SKR
  • Hire of bed linned

    100 SKR pr bed
  • Ready beds inkl bed linned

    250 SKR pr bed