Wyrd offer amazing fly fishing in Iceland. Do you want to experience the magic island filled with wild salmons. The most beautiful big brown trouts and strong arctic char? Fish in the most fantastic surroundings with the sound of the river and fresh Icelandic air. Only the sound of the reel will break the silence when it takes your fly, and the magic action is on!
Wyrd Travels are for everybody, it doesn’t matter if you are new into fly fishing or if you don’t know how to fish the Icelandic rivers.
We will always give you the right knowledge and help with the right gear, so you are ready and set up to catch your dream fish.
Brian Frilund (CEO & Founder of Wyrd Fly Fishing) are the primary guide and offer guided tours through the rivers.
He is a educated Casting Instructor, rod designer and guide, by Gunnar Rask Nielsen in Sweden, and furthermore guided in Iceland for the last 6 years.

2021 Update

More info will come..